Thanks to reclining to the fully horizontal position of the Recaro Sadena and Celona strollers, the Light Cot carrycot can be placed to go for a comfortable walk with the baby.

Send Time: apx 15-20 working days

 Light cot carrycot for strollers Sadena Celona.

The strollers Sadena and Celona their backrest reclines to the horizontal position, which allows us to place the Light Cot carrycot on the hammock.
The Light Cot carrycot has the complete color scheme to match the Recaro Sadena and Celona strollers.
Inside this carrycot the baby will be fully protected and comfortable thanks to its cozy fabrics and its fluffy base, which will allow you to rest and sleep calmly and relaxed.


Characteristics of the Recaro Light Cot.

-  Up to a maximum period of 6 months it can be used as a carrycot and later the upper part as a cozy leg cover bag.
- Wide mattress with bamboo fiber cover.
- Easy attachment and removal, harness openings and elastic straps ensure easy handling and secure placement.
- In the foot area, its materials are coated with a dirt repellent for easy cleaning, as it is easily washable even with a damp cloth.
- Cozy protection: Thanks to its water-repellent outer material and cozy inner fabric, they combat wind, cold and rain.
- Extendable size: The size can be extended for older children.
- Its colors, finishes and overall appearance are perfectly aligned with all Sadena and Celona products.


Recaro Light Cot carrycot colors.

Black (ref. 89200400070) SELECT Night Black

Blue (ref. 89200420070) SELECT Pacific Blue

Green (ref. 89200410070) SELECT Teal Green

Red (ref. 89200430070) SELECT Garnet Red

Black (ref. 89200300070) PRIME Mat Black

Palo Rose (ref. 89200330070) PRIME Pale Rose

Gray (ref. 89200310070) PRIME Silent Gray

Blue (ref. 89200320070) PRIME Sky Blue