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Rivemove Rivekids Adapter

Rivemove's new Rivemove children's car seat accessory or Rivemove child restraint system offers a truly significant increase in safety, as well as an extra space available in the rear seats, which allows us, get to place three chairs, or leave a greater space for an adult in the central square of the vehicle, with the increase of benefits this entails.

This ingenious device is compatible with 91% of the European car park and with all the car seats of the group 2-3 with isofix, as well as with the group 1 chairs in the direction of the march equipped with the system of retention isofix and in brief with the chairs in the opposite direction of the march groups 0-1.

The technology it incorporates has been tested by an international and independent technology center, CSI S.p.A and meets all the requirements of the homologations in force in the regulations for car seats ECE44 / 04 and ECE129 (i-Size)

It is a product thought and developed to optimize the space in the vehicle since it allows to move the car seats laterally and safely up to 7 cm in the direction of the door. With this lateral displacement we achieved an improvement of the space in the car, in order to obtain to place up to 3 chairs in the majority of the vehicles, and a greater space for the adult occupant of the central back square improving its comfort, and allows the adult can supporting the back against the seat of the vehicle in this way in case of braking or accident reduces the possibility of whiplash. More space, it's safety, it's happiness to be able to travel comfortably with children.
RiveMove is an important accessory in the comfort but also in the safety, in the realized tests they accredit that absorbs part of the energy of the impact so that the child suffers less damages. Reduces the value of brain damage by up to 20% (HPC 15).

The improvement of safety is due to two aspects.

• Removal of the spin effect: in front of a side impact, children's car seats undergo a rotation, which can cause serious head injury on the door panel, even in a chair with back and earmuffs, rivemove eliminates this effect of turning

• Energy Absorption: The technology that incorporates controls the energy received in case of sudden braking or accident reducing the force that the child receives and therefore the injuries.
Finally an article that makes life easier for parents, it is free to choose the car we want, to carry two chairs in the same car, with the rivemove the rear bench grows up to 14 cm and our vehicle can return to carry up to 5 occupants, but we can also carry three chairs in the back without having to change cars. But not only this also gives us an extra security with which we have space, security and the happiness of being able to travel comfortably with children.



• Plus safety and comfort

• More safety for children as well as for adults

• Optimizes space in the car.