Hammock swing 4 moms rockaRoo. 5 speeds, small size, connectivity, removable upholstery and machine washable. Offers forward and backward sliding motion.

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RockRoo, revolution in movement.

• Small size, occupies less but sits on a very solid and stable base.
• 5 speeds of movement, to stimulate or relax the baby
• Includes removable and reversible toy balls in different colors
• Connection for devices, to reproduce our voice, relaxing music, animal sounds, etc.
• Removable and machine washable upholstery (always in cold water 30º and with neutral soap)
• Optional Reducer.

Product specifications.

• Direct supply to the electrical network (220v)
• Approved according to European standards EN 12790: 2009 - EN 71-3: 2013 - EN 71 PART 2: 2021 up to 9kg or until it can sit up without help (approved up to 11.2kg according to
American regulations)
Swing dimensions: 45 x 42 x 70 cm (length x width x height)
Swing weight: 5.2 kg

Product description.

Hammock swing 4moms rockaRoo

It offers the baby sliding movement forwards and backwards that they like so much and makes them feel calm and relaxed, in addition its design makes it move more up than down, generating a maximum sensation of pleasant well-being.
In addition, thanks to its small size and also its modern design, it integrates perfectly into any room and decoration.
Thanks to its 5 speeds and its three balls of adequate size so that babies can catch, bite and experiment, and especially by having a connection for devices we can reproduce our voice, music, etc., all this makes it ideal for At the same time that the baby relaxes, experiment and leave the parents a time of rest and tranquility or even to carry out the abandoned tasks.

Colors of the 4moms rockaRoo hammock swing

Gray (ref. 2000380) Classic Gray

Anthracite gray (ref. 2000880) Mesh Gray

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