Car seat, german security and reliability, Römer wide range of products and models and colors, Römer the ideal car seat for comfort and security for your child. Britax Romer German brand has car seats for all the needs and sizes of the child. Rear-facing seats, with analyzes that show that their use increases more than 70% the safety of the child, are highly recognized. The Dual Fix is top sales. Romer continues advancing in the study of all the elements of security that can be incorporated to him to a seat From these studies were born the SICT or lateral protections, the X-PAD that exerts a very important protection at the level of the neck and finally its Secureguard; The secureguard protects the area of the abdomen and avoids the underwater effect. Its legendary KID FIX car seat has multiple versions in which we can find the latest security elements, according to our needs and the condition of the child.

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