Britax Römer Kidfix Car Seat

Britax Römer Kidfix car seats, group 2-3 with isofix, kidfix2 R models, kidfix2 S, kidfix III M and kidfix III S.
Britax Römer Kidfix2 R; It includes the Secureguard system, it avoids in a 35% the sudden intrusion of the belt of the car to the stomach of the child.
Britax Römer Kidfix2 S; Includes Secureguard and SICT side impact protection.

The Kidfix2 R and Kidfix2 S models, starting at the child's height of 135cm, the backrest can be disassembled leaving the seat as an elevator.
Britax Römer Kidfix III M; Includes Secureguard and SICT. Its seat is deeper and padded, for greater comfort.
Britax Römer Kidfix III S; It includes Secureguard and SICT, and the new and improved XP-PAD system, belt that lowers the shoulder and its function is to avoid up to 30% of the whiplash, as well as in case of accident the chin does not crash against the child's chest , and avoids thanks to its large padding and composition of materials (neoprene) a high percentage of intrusion of the car belt in the child's chest.

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Common features of Kidfix car seats by Britax Römer.

"V" shaped backrest; In this way, as we raise the head to adapt it to the height of the child, it occupies a wider space of the back of the car seat, which adapts to the growth in width of the child's shoulders.
"V" shaped head; This shape of the head helps that in case of lateral impact, the child's neck occupies the narrowest part and prevents a high lateral lateral movement minimizing neck damage. In addition, with this shape and a prominence at the end of the head, it helps to avoid when the child falls asleep to the head to go forward, since the whole face and head rests against the head of the car seat.
Upholstery; Current colors that adapt to all tastes, high quality and easy to disassemble and assemble in the car seat at the time of cleaning.
Easy installation in the car.


Differences between the various Kidfix car seats of the Britax Römer brand.

Britax Römer always at the forefront of car safety for children, has several innovations in both passive and active safety, including some or all models, adapting the car seat to every need of children and parents .