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Salia 125 i-Size the car seat from Recaro, which can be used from 40cm to 125cm in height, with ventilation system and extraordinary side protection thanks to the system (ASP) and the structure of the seat.

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Why buy a Recaro Salia 125 i-Size car seat?
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  • Why buy a Recaro Salia 125 i-Size car seat? 5 Offer
5 Offer
Why buy a Recaro Salia 125 i-Size car seat?
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  • Why buy a Recaro Salia 125 i-Size car seat? 5 Offer

i-Size regulation from birth (40cm) to 125cm apx 6-7 years old

Features of the Salia 125 i-Size car seat

•  From birth to 125cm
• 360º rotation and 90º turn towards the door to put the child in and take him/her out of the car with the utmost comfort.
•  Easy installation and simple handling of the seat.
•  Advanced Side Impact Protection System (ASP)
•  Innovative ventilation system in the shell, for the hottest periods.
• 4-position recline adjustment with just one hand.

Why buy a Recaro Salia 125 i-Size car seat?

The Salia 125 includes a newborn reducer to transport children from 40cm and can be used from birth up to 105cm in height in the rear facing position.
From 105cm height up to 125cm we must install the Salia 125 in the direction of travel with the isofix anchorages, remove the 5-point harnesses and secure the child with the vehicle's 3-point belt, the support leg will fold under the base of the seat in a recess designed for this purpose.

Salia 125 i-Size complies with the strictest and most demanding requirements of the new standard consisting of 3 anchorage points, which keep the seat installed in place in the car and absorb part of the energy acting on the child in the event of an accident.

Advanced Side Impact Protection (ASP) in combination with the seat structure reduces the forces acting on the child in the event of a side impact.
The innovative ventilation system makes hot summer days more comfortable on the move, as openings in the outer shell and mesh inserts in the seat cover allow for a continuous flow of air.

Questions and Answers Salia 125 i-Size

Q: What is the recline range of the seat in the 4-way adjustment?
A: The recline range is about 7 degrees.
Q: Is the reducer modular?
A: No, the side parts and the head are fixed, it is completely removed when its use is no longer necessary.
Q: How high can it be used rearward facing?
A: It can be used rearward facing up to 105cm. From 76cm it can be used forward facing with the 5-point harness system of the Salia 125. From 100cm it can be used forward facing, restraining the child with the three-point seat belt of the car.

Q: Is it advisable to carry the child rearward facing for as long as possible?
A: YES, of course, both and Recaro recommend the use of a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible, as they are up to 5 times safer and therefore help to save lives more and better and possible injuries are less important.

Q: Will the support leg always be extended also when the chair is configured in group 2-3?
A: No. Salia 125 to be used as group 2-3, unlike other models, its leg is hidden in a hole provided for it under the base, thus allowing the car's 3-point belt to act correctly.

Measurements and weight of the Recaro Salia i-Size 125 car seat

Measurements: Height 61cm x Width 44cm x Depth x 49cm

Weight: 14.8kg

Colours of the Salida 125 i-Size car seat

Black (ref. 89047400050) Select Night Black

Grey (ref.89047310050) Prime Silent Grey

Black (ref. 8050038148535) Fiber Black

Blue (ref. 8050038148542) Steel Blue

Gray (ref. 8050038148559) Carbon gray

Green (ref. 8050038148573) Mineral green

Red (ref. 8050038148566) Iron red

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