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Recaro salia Elite i-Size car seat. 2 in 1, it combines a baby carrier and a child car seat, the baby carrier is used from newborn, even for premature babies.

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Recaro Salia Elite i –Size Group 0-1 car seat. Car safety

The versatility and ease of use, make it a chair to take into account when receiving the new family member at home.
2-in-1 car seat, Salia Elite i-Size combines a baby carrier (weighing only 2.9 kg) and a child car seat, the baby carrier is used since newborn
(even premature, from 40cm) and should be placed in the car on the child's chair which in turn will be attached to the isofix of the vehicle and with a support leg, the great advantage of this 2 in 1, is that while we carry the baby in the baby carrier, we have extraordinary mobility.

Why are we going to have great mobility?
Because we have the advantages of a group 0-1 chair and the advantages of a group 0 baby carrier, so we can take the child out of the car inside the baby carrier and not annoy him if he is sleeping peacefully and also the other way around when traveling, we can place the child in the car already inside his carrier.
All are advantages with the SALAR ELITE i-Size of RECARO.
In addition, the baby carrier can also be placed in a Recaro stroller, to go for a walk.

Comfort functions of the Recaro Salia Elite i-Size car seat.
- Adjustment of resting positions with one hand
- Passive air ventilation system, ideal for hot summer days
- Foam seat with memory effect, adapts perfectly to the child's body
- Headrest adjustable in height to adapt it to the growth of the baby and child
- I turn towards the door to place and remove the baby or child with ease.

Characteristics of the Recaro Salia Elite i-ISze car seat
- 5 point harness system with HERO system
- Indicators on the basis of correct placement in the car
- Visco elastic foam on the headrest helps absorb the forces resulting from a collision
- Adjustable support leg.
- Advanced side protection (ASP)
- i-ISze regulations

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