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Recaro SALIA i-Size car seat, swivelling towards the door, correct positioning indicators, internal air circulation system, memory padding and shock absorption effect.

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  • RECARO SENSOR EASY-TECH (89230900070)

Recaro Salia Group 0-1 car seat with i-Size regulations.

The great moment will come to receive a new member in the family, and we have to protect and take care of it from the first moment, and we will have to take it in
the car from the first moment, for this you must choose a car seat.

                                But which one to choose?

. The best, the safest, that likes the design and that is functional, easy to install.

For all this Recaro has created SALIA Gr 0-1 the car seat that offers all the solutions to the baby and toddler, to the parents, maximum safety with comfort and ease of use.

Safety: With i-Size regulations, from newborns (including premature babies) to approximately 4 years (40-105cm high), protection from side impacts, which are activated on the side of the door. Safety to counter.

The I-Size certification is currently the one that guarantees that it has passed the most demanding tests in terms of safety against impacts and adapts to the size of the child.

Comfort: For babies or toddlers as well as for parents.

It includes a reducer adaptable to the growth of the baby, which makes the baby comfortable and adapts the chair to the appropriate size of the newborn and can grow to the size of a small child.

Easy to install in the vehicle thanks to the isofix system and the adjustable support leg.
Once placed it has some indicators that turn green if we have successfully completed the installation. Peace of mind for parents.
And especially when placing the baby, it has a turn towards the door which causes us to place the child correctly, without disturbing him and also the parents also
They have a good position and ease to perform the task.

Ease of use: It is designed so that we can perform the installation in an incredibly easy way, in addition to all the functions, both reclining, turning, placement
of support leg, they are made with a simple click and with one hand.

The maximum safety, comfort and comfort of this chair for the child and for the parents and all its functionalities make the Recaro Salia car seat the one we want for our child.

Special features of the Recaro SALIA Gr 0-1 chair that make it ideal for your baby.
It adapts perfectly to the child's body shape and offers maximum comfort

Foam with memory and impact absorption effect.
5-point harness system with HERO system
Adjusting the belts has never been so easy, intuitive adjustment, shoulder pads and head restraints that prevent the belts from twisting and slipping, which
facilitates closing safely.

Internal aeration circulation
It has an internal system of passive air circulation that makes long trips and especially in the summer seasons are particularly pleasant.

Functions of the Recaro SALIA Gr 0-1 chair, numbered summary:
1- Normative i-Size.

2- Advanced ASP side protection with Recaro technology. They are extra lateral protections that in an impact distribute the energy that hits the entire chassis diluting it.

3- 360 degree rotation rotation.

4- Height-adjustable headrest with integrated belt guide

5- Indicators of correct placement in the base.

6- Passive seat ventilation

Giro hacia la puerta   Giro 380 Sistema de proteccion lateral Testigos de correcta colocación

Colors of the RECARO SALIA i-Size Gr 0-1 car seat

Gray (ref. 8050038140829) Prime SILENT GRAY

Pink (ref. 8050038140904) Prime PALE ROSE

Red (ref. 8050038141031) Select GARNET RED

Black (ref. 8050038140812) Prime MAT BLACK

Green (ref. 8050038141017) Select TEAL GREEN

Black (ref. 8050038141000) Select NIGHT BLACK


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