Light, compact and complete strollers from the best brands in the market.
Selected for their quality and ease of use, only the best brands make use of our on-line catalog,
among them are the following.

Maclaren, probably the lightest and most resistant strollers on the market with a modern and contemporary design.

Cybex: The most innovative and conceptual strollers, designed for parents who need to move in their day to day, without losing a bit of comfort for both the baby and the parents themselves.

Easywalker: strollers with design, to walk with comfort, compact folding and easy to handle.
In addition you can also find other great brands such as INGLESINA, ARRUE, JANE, CONCORD, BRITAX, RECARO, JOIE.

A wide range for you to choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes.

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5 questions what can we do when buying a stroller.

How to choose the most suitable stroller for my child?

We must take into account several things, the first how old it is, it is not the same to put a child of 2-3 months as a child of 18 months.
For the little ones, we have to take into account that the backrest reclines a lot, if it can be horizontally better, this way when you sleep it will rest well, also that it has a wide top
and protect laterally.
It is also interesting to have a good suspension, we must think a lot about the comfort of the baby especially.
For older children the strollers can be as light as possible, it is not so important the recline of the backrest, although it is advisable that also recline at least 2 or 3 positions, and that it is easy to fold and occupy little.


What strollers can I take from newborn?

The best strollers for newborns must be approved for it, your back must have the possibility of a fully horizontal recline, a four-wheel suspension and that the stroller is wide, to be able to place accessories such as winter sacks , mats, etc.


Which handlebar to choose? Of cane or closed?

Normally always depends on the taste of each parent, but there is difference, the closed handlebar allows you to drive the stroller with one hand and support you more comfortably when it comes to walking, but also tend to produce higher percentages of after-sales incidents, The cane handlebar is simpler and there are many more stroller on the market to choose from.


The stroller that we are going to buy. Will it fit in the trunk?

It is important to know that goat in our trunk, not only worth to fit, we must bear in mind that along with the stroller most of the time we will carry other things in the trunk in addition to the stroller , with which we must be sure that we will enter We should never carry the stroller inside the car's interior, since in case of braking or accident it will become a very dangerous and even deadly element.


How to keep my child's stroller?

The strollers are every day on the street in extreme conditions, rain, sun, dust, etc., and we must have a maintenance, this will make the stroller last longer and avoid possible breaks with the disadvantages that often occur.
It is advisable to put some oil or liquid silicone on the axles of the wheels every 2 or 3 months, including products for cleaning the powder that are viscous, which greases and also repels the dust.

It should also be put on all moving parts (those that suffer movement in the folded and unfolded.). It is also advisable to carry out a pressure water cleaning by the stroller always before greasing, in this way we remove stones, mud and dust that may be embedded by the moving parts of the stroller air.