Eco-friendly wooden toys for children

Quadrilla toys constructions that contribute to cognitive development

With Hape Quadrilla toys the child lives his fantasy, playing can overcome limits, rectify or redirect activities and attitudes. In addition there is a great community of Quadrillas of marbles, all the Hape toys are combined and added;
Playing with family or friends and growing marble runs encourages relationships and strategies.

Building races is a lot of fun and very exciting to watch the marbles run. They encourage vital skills like problem solving and hand-eye coordination.

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What is it about the Hape Quadrillas of marbles that makes them special?

1. Fun for the whole family: Quadrilla marble races are great for brotherly bonding, Download the Quadrilla game app to build more and more complex tracks together.

2. Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). The Quadrilla game encourages the development of spatial thinking and problem solving. These two skills are a key piece when it comes to understanding the principles of science, STEAM.

3. Coding. The Wall Street Journal has praised the Quadrilla game as a good way for girls and boys to get started with coding. Marble racing not only mimics the way computer programs work, it's also a lot of fun.

4. Hape Quadrilla Marble Tracks are enduring toys of unsurpassed quality and all their learning potential. Toys that accompany you for life for being good and at the same time encourage respect and care for good things

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