Joie spin a 360º turning traveller that spins rearward, forward and everywhere in between One hand turn activator makes every trip and transition easy.

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Joie spin 360 Car Seat

Discover Joie Spin 360, is a rotating car seat that rotates in all positions.

Today we dads need versatility, comfort, speed, we move through the cities, we move daily to daycare, to work at home, we need articles for our children that are mainly safe, but also that they are comfortable for our baby and for we, that is why Joie makes our life easier with the Spin 360, a chair that we will use from birth in rear facing, but that turns towards the door to put and remove our son with great ease and speed, without disturbing him, in addition from 15 months if we want we can put it in front facing, it is a chair group 0 + / 1 from newborn to 105cm apx 18kg 4 years.

As a regular in the brand for the manufacture of this model uses high quality materials and technology, the Spin car seat thanks to its small base and compact design does not need a roll-over arch, it includes a ventilation system that helps to avoid the sweating of the child and provides more comfortable trips especially in summer.

The fabrics that wrap around the car seatare of great quality with soft touch, very padded and resistant, thanks to which we can wash them the times that they are in washing machine in cold water.


¿Why is the Joie Spin 360 car seat the only one on the market that has no anti-recoil frame?

It is due to its placement and isofix system, which at the moment of impact, both rear or front, adjusts automatically to the backrest of the car and the sides of the car seat are the ones that adsorb and prevent the backward elevation of the same. This system is patented by the brand and this way also ensures that the car seat can be placed in vehicles with a smaller interior space.

All features
Group 0+/1 car seat
· Suitable rearward facing from birth to 18kg/4 years
· Suitable forward facing from 9kg to 18kg/4 years
· 360° rotating seat makes an easy in, easy out
· 5 recline positions can be used both rearward and forward facing
· Grow Together multi-height headrest and harness system adjust simultaneously and require no re-threading of harness
· Grow-with-me infant body and head support are customisable
· Integrated load leg
· Plush, deluxe cushioning and fabrics to keep baby cosy
· Built in side ventilation to keep baby cool on those warm days


Easy installation using ISOFIX

5 point harness with shoulder and lower buckle covers that tightens with one pull motion

Product Dimensions Forward Facing: l 55 x w 45 x h 67.1-76.5cm

Product Dimensions Rearward Facing: l 66.1-69 x w 45 x h 56.8-63.3cm

Base Dimensions: w 40 x h 28.5 x w 48cm

Product Weight: 11.95kg

Product Usage: birth to 18kg

Testing Certification: ECE R44/04


It is made in three different upholstery so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes

Gray Flannel (C1416AFGFL000) Gray

Merlot (Ref: C1416AAMER000) - Bordeaux

Ember (Ref: C1416AFEMB000) - Black

Deep Sea (Ref: C1416AFDSE000) - Navy Blue

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