Cybex Sirona Z, participates in the flexibility of using a car seat for your child, safe, practical, iconic and now if you want with SENSORSAFE, you like it, and your child will be safe in the car.

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  • CYBEZ Z I-SIZE ISOFIX BASE (518000992)
  • CYBEZ Z I-SIZE ISOFIX BASE (518000992)


  I-SIZE regulations

  Car seat Gr. 0-1

  Rear and front facing car seats

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  Cybex Platinum

Cybex Sirona Z i-Size Car Seat

Sirona Z car seat, technology, safety and design joined by the firm Cybex.

Cybex Sirona Z, gives you the option that most interests you and adapts to your needs at the right time and precisely the stages of growth of your baby, for this you can
choose the purchase of the set and have it or buy each part when you need it, if you already have the base Z and the group 0 Cloud Z car seat and you want to move to your
son to the group car seat 0-1 in the rear facing view with 180 turn and 360 degrees, you can acquire the car seat SIRONA Z and place it in the base isofix Z of Cybex.

With this car seat Cybex closes the most complete cycle you can have in security for your child from newborn to 105 cm tall.
The Cybex Sirona Z car seat has height-adjustable harnesses to ensure the comfort and safety of the child, as well as a regulation in positions of
inclination and a system of protection of lateral impacts of last generation, also for a greater comfort of the child includes a new system of ideal ventilation
for the hottest days.


Your Sirona Z i-Size now if you want you can have it with SENSORSAFE.

What is the Cybex SENSORSAFE?

It is placed at the height of the child's chest and warns that there is a child in the car connecting to our mobile through an application, in this way, we try
End the tragic cases of forgetting children in the car. During the journey it indicates whether the child's safety belt has been opened or lowered, if the temperature is too high or too low, or if the child has been too long in his car seat, the sensor works in connection with the on-board system of the vehicle through the OBD port and has a battery that lasts throughout the period of use of the car seat.

Characteristics of Cybex SENSORSAFE

1- Control of safety harness

2- Inadequate temperature notification

3- Notification when leaving the child alone in the car. (The sensorsafe will send notifications to the mobile, if you wish you can also inform about the location of the vehicle or the emergency contacts)

4- Installation Checklist

5- Rest notification.

Features of the Cybex Sirona Z i-Size car seat

• Easy, comfortable, simple and accessible when installing it in the car
• Versatile for use in different vehicles
• Normative homologation i-Size (from birth to 105cm)
• Use in the rear facing view and in front facing view.
• 180º and 360º rotation
• Latest generation lateral impact protection system


Colors in which we can send you the car seat Cybex Sirona Z.

Rose (item 518000813) Passion Pink

Black (ref 518000803) Stardust Black

Grey (ref 518000809) Manhattan Grey

Blue (ref 518000807) Midnight Blue

Orange (ref 518000811) Autumn Gold

Rose SENSORSAFE (ref.519001677) Passion Pink

Orange SENSORSAFE (ref.519001675) Autumn Gold

Blue SENSORSAFE (ref. 519001671) Midnight Blue

Black SENSORSAFE (ref 519001669) Stardust Black

Grey SENSORSAFE (ref.519001669) Manhattan Grey


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