Cybex Sirona Zi i-Size car seat 360 ° rotation mechanism energy reduction system (ER-Tech) reduces neck forces by up to 20% newborn reducer headrest adjustable in 12 positions direction control (D.D.C)

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Cybex SIRONA Zi car seat with i-Size regulations.

What is the great difference between this chair and the other Cybex Sirona z model also with i-Size regulations?
The SIRONA Zi is a single piece, that is, a chair and a base, always united, with which the parents who want a Cybex group 0-1 car seat and make it the only chair from birth to 105cm in height , unlike the Sirona Z model that its base is independent of the chair and that is great so that we can also place a group 0+ chair (Cloud Z) on that base. Sirona Zi includes a newborn reducer, an improved side impact protection system and as an option the Cybex SENSORSAFE system.


Safety and comfort with the Cybex SIRONA Zi with i-Size regulations.
In this chair, new safety standards are established, highlighting the protection in side and front impacts as well as its easy handling, and thanks to its 360º rotation mechanism, it can be turned towards the door to easily place and remove the child, being able to always carry it in counterclockwise to 105cm in height, which is recommended since it is up to 5 times safer, but we can also turn it in the direction of travel from 76cm in height. It has an unlocking button on the inside under the upholstery just on the backrest that when unlocked will allow us to turn the chair in the direction of travel.


A car seat oriented in the opposite direction to the march reduces the risk of injuries in frontal impacts, the tests show that the impact forces are distributed on a larger surface, and the seat shell together with the support leg minimize movement of the head whereby possible neck and head injuries are reduced to a minimum.
It also has a headrest adjustable in 12 height positions to perfectly adapt the harnesses to the constant growth of the child and a recline up to 5 positions in the opposite direction to the march and 3 in the direction of the march, operable with one hand and with the child sitting in the car seat.

Main characteristics of the Cybex SIRONA Zi car seat with i-Size regulations.

- 360º rotation mechanism
- Energy reduction system (ER-Tech): This technology reduces forces on the neck by up to 20% compared to other harness systems when the child travels in the direction of travel.
- Direction control (D.D.C): Avoid using the chair in the direction of travel up to 76cm high (approximately 15 months)
- Headrest adjustable in height up to 12 positions, in this way we ensure that the harnesses and the headband perfectly adjust to the growth of the child.
- Reclining and rotation function with one hand.
- Newborn reducer: Provides an ergonomic position for the child to travel as horizontally as possible during the first months, thus avoiding possible postural suffocation.
- 5-point harness system with easy actuation thanks to its design for potatoes.
- Structure of the ABSORB-ENERGY chair: Absorbs the forces of impact and distributes them throughout the chair shell, away from the child.
- Roll-over arch: Offers greater protection in case of rear impact and also reduces recoil in case of frontal impact.
- Harness support: Magnetic side harness supports that facilitate the placement and removal of the child, by preventing the harnesses from hindering these operations.


  What is Cybex SENSORSAFE?

It comes placed at the child's chest height and warns that there is a child in the car connecting to our mobile phone through an application, in this way, it tries
put an end to the tragic cases of forgetfulness of children in the car. During the journey it indicates if the child's seat belt has been opened or loosened, if the temperature is too high or low, or if the child has been in his car seat for too long, the sensor works in connection with the on-board system of the vehicle through the OBD port and has a battery that lasts throughout the period of use of the car seat.


Cybex SENSORSAFE Features

1- Control of the safety harness

2- Inadequate temperature notification

3- Notification when leaving the child alone in the car. (The sensorsafe will send notifications to the mobile, if you want you can also report the location of the vehicle or emergency contacts)

4- Installation checklist

5- Notification of rest.

Cybex SIRONA Zi i-Size car seat technical information

Long. 710mm
Width. 440mm
Tall. 640 mm
Weight. 14kg
Normative. UN R129 / 03, from 45cm high to 105cm high.


Colors of the Sirona Zi car seat with i-Size regulations

Gray (ref. 520003765) Sohoi Gray

Black (ref. 520003767) Deep Black

Fire Orange (ref. 520003769) Autumn Gold

Gray (ref. 520003793) PLUS Soho Gray

Black (ref. 520003795) PLUS Deep Black

Fire Orange (ref. 520003791) PLUS Autumn Gold

Blue (ref. 520003785) PLUS Mountain Blue

Green (ref. 520003789) PLUS Moustard Yellow

Blue (ref. 520003783) PLUS Nautical Blue

Brown (ref. 520003787) PLUS Kakhi Green

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