Once upon a time there was a world of mobility, Jané baby strollers.

Spanish manufacturer of Childcare, specialist in the ride, has a very wide range of modern baby cars, adaptable to all the needs of today's parents.
Choosing a stroller Jane is a rational, functional and modern choice with great features, each model of Jané ride car is unique. High performance Jané cars in all types of terrain.
Quality and comfort in an urban design are combined with a compact and easy folding characteristics common to all models of Jané cars.

Here you can choose the stroller for your baby, which best suits your needs and tastes.

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When choosing a baby stroller you have to think well what are the needs of use.

Jané has multiple chassis options and we can combine them with baskets, group 0 car seats and also with the Matrix system.

If you take the option to buy a trio that is to say that includes group 0, we must bear in mind that we should not abuse the use of this car seat due to the possibility of postural suffocation, therefore it is more advisable to buy a group 0 car seats -1.

The best option is probably to acquire a car composed of chassis with stroller and carrycot, the carrycot also depending on the time in which the child is born, because in summer it is quite dispensable.

We must also think about how we are going to consider life after the birth of the child, depending on work, the help of grandparents, etc., we must think of one type of stroller or another. Since a light car will help us move more easily in the day to day and larger and bulky cars may be more designed for more sedentary families and their outings are less daily and more leisure and weekend.

Jane the most complete, versatile and adaptable range for your baby car needs. Congratulations future potatoes.