Car seat norr by nuna, group 0-1 from new born 40cm up to 105cm high, according to the regulations i-Size and Plus Test

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Nunca Norr Car Seat

Car seat norr by nuna, group 0-1 from new born 40cm up to 105cm high, according to the regulations i-Size and Plus Test.

In nuna we are different and we want to show it with the norr car seat with i-size and Plus Test regulations, the most demanding standard in car seats, but all this with
Turn 360º unique chair with Plus Test and 360º twist.

In nuna we think that to differentiate ourselves, we not only have to create a safe rear view car seat, but with something unique that nobody offers, for it we passed the "Plus Test "with 360º turn, we include two tapestries one of summer, and the poliespan that incorporates (foam Aerofex) our car seat is injected, the same one that the helmets of the
pilots of Formula 1, which makes it lighter, more resistant and minimizes the force transferred to the baby absorbing and spreading the energy.


Why does the car seat Nuna Norr get the demanding Plus Test with a 360º turn?

The norr car seat has the 360º rotation but it can never be used in the front facing view, it will always go rear facing (counter-march) the turn is to be able to place the child in cars that do not have a back door, that is, for vehicles with 3 doors, this way we can turn the chair forward to place it easily, practice and safe baby and once it is placed to turn in the opposite direction to travel with the baby, obviously also turns to the door for the baby. The norr car seat by nuna always travels rear facing view. 5 times more secure.


Features of the car seat nuna norr rear facing

Rear facing from 40cm to 105cm

Regulations i-Size and Plus Test

Steel strength technology consisting of an ultra-resistant steel frame and deformable and absorbent plastics that do not splinter or break in the event of a collision

It includes two garments, one of breathable mesh for hot seasons, very easy to remove and put without having to disassemble the harnesses of the chair, which will prevent
possible errors in the assembly.

Intelligent SIP system of nuna with foam energy absorption EPS gets great protection in side impacts.

Isofix system with true lock base installation technology of nine positions.

Reclining up to 7 positions to travel back and forth comfortably regardless of age.

It includes removable newborn reducer of head and body to adapt to the growth of the baby.

The norr car seat incorporates ventilation panels inside the frame to create a more comfortable climate for the child inside the car seat.


Technical specifications

Dimensions 59 x 43,5 x 60
Weight: 16.31kg
Materials: Reinforced steel structure

Cleaning and maintenance:
Do not use abrasive products or bleaches for washing machines
Tapestries suitable for washing in cold and in washing machines, drying outdoors.
Wipe the plastic strips and harnesses with a damp cloth.


Colors in which you can buy the norr car seat with standards i-Size and Plus Test

Black (ref.CS08800CVRGL) Caviar

Gray (ref.CS08800GRNGL) Granite


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