The Twin strollers provide us with the possibility of traveling daily when the children are two, whether they are the same age or for different ages.               

                                 Types of Twin strollers.
  -    Umbrellas   - Lightweight -All terrain   - Bumprider Connect

Bumprider Connect: It is a different and exceptional system, since it is an individual stroller that with a practical magnet system we can attach another identical stroller to walk with two children.

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What twin stroller to choose?

Depending on our way of life, if we need to move daily quickly and with fixed schedules, the lightest we can find will make our lives easier, since they weigh less, occupy less once folded and are manageable, but we lose in comfort for children, since their seats tend to be narrower and less fluffy among other things.

To move whenever we want but with a little more peace of mind, the twin umbrella strollers are ideal because they allow us to move smoothly and quietly, giving great comfort to children, since they have a better range of seats, more fluffy and also usually include extra large hoods, with reclining backrests and adjustable footrests.

For adventurous parents, the all-terrain Twin strollers are perfect, as they allow us to go jogging with the children, field trips on weekends, but at the same time allow us to use them also on a day-to-day basis in the city , taking into account that their weight is much higher and when folding and placing them in the trunk we will notice.