Britax Römer DualFix Car Seats

Car seats Britax Römer DualFix Group 0-1

It is very important to distinguish the qualities of each of the DualFix Britax Römer car seats in order to make a good choice.
The DualFix Britax Römer rear facing seats are car seats from newborns with a turn to the door and the possibility of rear face from birth, but we can also put them in front facing when we think appropriate, but always after 15 months. We advise to use them always to rear facing is up to 5 times safer.
Here you can see them all and choose the one that best suits your needs. You will find two current regulations, ECE 44/04, in which are the DUALFIX and DUALFIX2 R models. And in the R129 i-Size standard, you can choose the DUALFIX i-Size and DUALFIX M i-Size models.


· ECE 44/04: This regulation is governed by weights and ages, that is, the chairs will serve us up to an age and a maximum weight. From Newly Born to 18kg approximately 4 years.
· R129 i-Size: This regulation is only governed by measures, car seats with this approval in group 0-1 we can use them until the child measures 105cm in height. Here you can see more car seats with the i-Size standard.

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Britax Römer
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Britax Römer
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Differences between Britax Römer DualFix car seats

DualFix is ​​the original model that appeared in 2013 is the first to use the DualFix nomenclature, thanks to
his turn towards the door with blocking forward to avoid turning the child by mistake and turning 360º made it one of the safest and demanded car seats by parents, in it thousands of thousands of children have traveled safely.

Dualfix2 R is the new version of the DualFix same versatility and reduced casing but includes a new system of belts and a great lying position, it is not necessary to have the newborn reducer thanks to its belts and its head in "V", although it is advisable use it for greater comfort of the child (sold separately) also has 4 reclining positions both in rear facing and in front facing and you can operate the turn in any position.

DualFix i-Size breaks with the molds of group 0-1 car seats, includes a reducer from newborn even for premature babies, incredibly adjustable in different possible configurations as the child grows. It has a new system of protection of lateral impacts with an internal steel bar that reduces not only the impact but also redistributes the forces of the same towards the center of the car seats that is the hardest and most resistant point.

DualFix M i-Size This model is identical to the previous one (DualFix i-Size), except that it does not include the Newborn reducer and it is not possible to adapt one as it does not go down to the Newborn position, since its Homologation is from 61cm in height to 105cm.

All Britax Römer DualFix models, as a common feature, rotate 90º towards the door to be able to put and remove the child easily, and after 15 months can be turned in front facing, another common feature is its simplicity of placement to the vehicle thanks to its isofix system and its support leg that together make the retention in case of accident.

Britax Römer has two more car seats models based on the same base as the DualFix, but to which SWINGFIX calls them, these models get the demanding PLUS TEST standard.

SWINGFIX i-Size, this car seat model is identical to the DualFix i-Size only that it is not possible to turn in front facing and for this reason obtains the PLUS TEST regulation, if you can turn towards the door.
SWINGFIX M i-Size, is identical to the DualFix M i-Size with the PLUS TEST standard, as it also does not rotate front facing.



The most economical are those that have regulation ECE 44/04 and are the DUALFIX and DUALFIX2 R

The most versatile DUALFIX i-Size, from newborn even for preterm babies up to 105cm, configurable reducer adaptable to the child's growth, turning towards the door and turning in front facing, always after 15 months.

For the older children. DualFix M i-Size, its use is from 61 cm up to 105 cm in height.

The safest SWINGFIX i-Size with PLUS TEST regulations, always in rear facing, is up to 5 times more secure in the event of an accident.

Always in rear facing with Britax Römer DUALFIX and SWINGFIX car seats.