Britax Römer Dualfix i-Size seat versions group 0-1

Distinguishing between models of Britax Römer DualFix car seats is essential to make a good choice; Knowing that Britax-Römer is an elite brand and you won't be disappointed.
The Britax Römer rear-facing DualFix are swivel infant car seats from birth, but they also have the option of being installed forward-facing after 15 months, although we always recommend rear-facing up to at 4 years old. Then you can go straight to Kidfix Group 2-3. For more information read the footer.

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Britax Römer Dualfix2 R Car Seat
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Britax Römer
Britax Römer
Gr 0-1


€535.00 €454.75
Britax Römer Dualfix i-ISiez car seat iSense
Britax Römer
Britax Römer
Gr 1


Romer dualfix i-size car seat
Britax Römer
Britax Römer
Gr 0-1


Britax Römer Dualfix M I-Size Car Seat
Britax Römer
Britax Römer
Gr 1



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Britax Römer different DualFix car seats

DualFix2 R: version that starts the range, has a reduced housing with a large interior, includes a new belt system, and its large lying position is operated in a simple and intuitive way.
Optional gearbox, but not necessary, although we recommend it.
• 4 recline positions in both directions of travel.
• ECE 44/04 homologation from newborn to 4 years old / 18kg.

DualFix i-Size breaks with the molds of group 0-1 car seats, it includes a reducer from newborn even for premature babies, incredibly adjustable in different possible configurations as the child grows. It has a new side impact protection system, with an internal steel bar that reduces not only the impact, but also redistributes its forces towards the center of the car seat, which is the hardest and most resistant point.

DualFix M i-Size, identical model to the previous one (DualFix i-Size), except that it does not include the newborn reducer, nor is it possible to adapt it, since the head does not lower to the newborn position.
Therefore, its approval is from 61cm in height to 105 cm.

DualFix i-Sense, intelligent combination, approved under the R129 (i-Size) standard.
It is used from 61cm, and for its installation it requires the brand's specific isofix base.
• i-Sense smart lighting technology
• Greater lateral protection with SICT system integrated into the shell.
• 6-position recline in both directions of travel.
• Adjustable anti-tip ring
• Possibility of modular configuration, together with the i-Sense base and the BabySafe 3 car seat

As a common feature, all Britax Römer DualFix models always rotate 90º towards the door.
From 15 months they can be turned in the direction of travel, although its use in reverse is always recommended, up to 5 times safer.
These car seats are easy and simple to install thanks to its isofix system and its support leg, which together hold the child.

Summing up ...

DualFix 2R, the most economical with ECE 44/04 regulation.

DualFix i-Size, the most versatile from premature to 105cm, configurable reducer and adaptable to the child's growth.

DualFix M i-Size, from 61 cm to 105 cm in height.

DualFix i-Sense, with i-Size regulations and the possibility of modular configuration.

Britax Römer DualFix car seat, always rear-facing!

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