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Joie Signature i-Traver, from 100cm to 150cm (3.5 years to 10-12 years). High quality fabrics, several patented active safety systems, headrest adjustable in 10 positions, safety and quality.

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-i-Size regulations
-Dual installation with or without isofix, from 100 cm child height up to 150 cm.

Various adjustment functions.

-Height: Headrest adjustable in 10 positions with one hand to adapt the seat to the child's growth.
-Seat with "AutoAdjust" function adjustable in 3 depth positions.
-Backrest adjustable in 2 reclining positions for greater comfort.

Maximum safety

- Headrest with "Tri-Protect" protection system with three safety layers and patented "intelli-Fit" foam with memory effect for greater side protection.
- Guard Surround Safety" panels extra layers of protection against any side impact.
- Adjustable isofix anchorage system.
- Clearly visible and easily accessible belt guides for simple and intuitive installation.

Impressive comfort

- Padded armrest
- High-quality upholstery with soft, velvety, high-end fabrics
- Ventilation and airing zones in the base
- Removable and washable covers
- Lightweight, easy to change from one car to another.
- From 100 to 135cm in height, 3 car seats can be installed in the back seats of any i-Size compliant car.

Joie Signature i-Traver Car Seat Specifications

- Measurements: length 40-44 x width 56 x height 63-68 cm
- Weight: 5.6 kg

Joie Signature i-Traver i-Size Car Seat Conclusions

High quality fabrics to last the whole time of use without problems, includes several active safety systems patented by Joie, such as the "Tri Protect" headrest which provides extra protection in the event of a side impact, as it helps to contain the head inside the safety compartment and also protects from the direct action of the impact.

The headrest can be adjusted in 10 height positions to perfectly match the child's growth stage, but also has a depth of seat positions so that the car seat can be adjusted to fit the child's growth stage. 
The car seat can be adapted to the growth of the child's legs and can provide the correct support for each stage of growth.

Its fabrics have been selected to comply with the touch and have the quality of a high-end car seat, super comfortable padding and velvety fabrics and velvety and velvety 
velvety fabrics and padded armrests.

Joie Signature i-Traver Car Seat Colours

Orange (ref. C1903ABCID000) Cider
Green (ref. C1903ABPNE000) Pine
Blue (ref. C1903ABHBR000) Harbour
Grey (ref. C1903ABOYS000) Oyster
Black (ref. C1903ABCBN000) Carbon