Cybex with its innovative Cloud Z I-Size car seat expands its range of baby seats in the car and demonstrates its commitment to safety in the car by adding the new SENSORSAFE.

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  • CYBEZ Z I-SIZE ISOFIX BASE (518000992)
  • CYBEZ Z I-SIZE ISOFIX BASE (518000992)


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Cybex Cloud Z i-Size Car Seat

The innovative future comes with the group 0 + Cloud Z i-Size car seat, the first car seat, which together with the isofix Z base rotates 180º.

Cybex with its innovative Cloud Z I-Size car seat, widens its range of seats for babies and children in the car, and demonstrates its commitment to safety in the car
for children, but also with the comfort for parents when placing and removing the child from the safety seat.

Cloud Z i-Size is approved to transport children from newborns including premature babies from 45cm up to 87cm (15 months), it is made with materials of great quality and of last generation, with a new internal structure specially designed to absorb the forces in the event of a collision. To comply with the regulations i-Size can be purchased separately isofix Z i-Size base, with lateral rotation system for the Cloud Z chair (and 360º rotation for the Sirona Z i-Size chair.) in this way get the maximum safety, and the ease of placing the child in the chair for parents to be able to turn it towards the door.

It can also be used for the ride on the Cybex baby cars and in other brands with the appropriate adapters, (which are sold separately), has a
easy and complete recline of the backrest for rest outside the car, ideal for the ride, which is also easily adjustable with one hand.

By being able to extend and recline the area between the head, neck and chest in the most horizontal way possible. The risk of breathing difficulties is reduced considerably.

When adjusting the headrest, the sitting angle automatically changes and the chair "grows" with the child. With this integrated automatic adjustment, the chair
Car also offers more space and comfort to larger children.
It also includes the well-known Cybex telescopic side shield (L.S.P) that absorbs the impact force.


Cloud Z i-Size now if you want, you can buy it with the new SENSORSAFE system.

What is the Cybex SENSORSAFE?
It is placed at the height of the child's chest and warns that there is a child in the car connecting to our mobile through an application, in this way, we try
End the tragic cases of forgetting children in the car. During the journey it indicates whether the child's safety belt has been opened or lowered, if the temperature is too high or too low, or if the child has been too long in his car seat, the sensor works in connection with the on-board system of the vehicle through the OBD port and has a battery that lasts throughout the period of use of the car seat.

Characteristics of Cybex SENSORSAFE

1- Control of safety harness

2- Inadequate temperature notification

3- Notification when leaving the child alone in the car. (The sensorsafe will send notifications to the mobile, if you wish you can also inform about the location of the vehicle or the emergency contacts)

4- Installation Checklist

5- Rest notification.


Features of the Cybex Cloud Z i-Size car seat

• Ergonomic rest position outside the car

• Reducer for removable newborn for premature and / or very small babies

• Adjustable height headrest with 11 positions with integrated harness guides

• Linear Telescopic Protection against Late Impacts (System L.S.P.)

• Integrated solar hood XXL

• Travel System compatible with CYBEX, gb and other brands


Measurements and weight of Cybex Cloud  Z i-Size car seat

• Length / width / height: 670, 440, 395-565 mm

• Weight: 4.0 kg

• Washable cover at 30 degrees.

• This product has been developed and designed in Germany


Colors among which you can choose to acquire your Cybex Cloud Z i-Size car seat.

Gray (ref. 520000032) PLUS Soho Gray

Black (ref. 518000768) Stardust Black

Orange (ref. 520002456) Autumn Gold

Black (ref.520000004) Deep Black

Gray (ref. 50000002) Soho Gray

Orange (ref. 520000032) PLUS Autumn Gold

Black (ref. 520000034) PLUS Deep Black

Khaki green (ref. 520000026) PLUS Kakhi Green

Turquoise Blue (ref. 520000024) PLUS Mountain Blue

Mustard (ref. 520000028) PLUS Mustard Yellow

Navy Blue (ref. 520000022) PLUS Nautical Blue

Orange (ref. 520002462) SENSORSAFE Autumn Gold

Black (ref. 520000016) SENSORSAFE Deep Black

Gray (ref. 520000014) SENSORSAFE Soho Gray

Orange (ref. 520000072) SENSORSAFE PLUS Autumn Gold

Black (ref. 520000076) SENSORSAFE PLUS Deep Black

Khaki green (ref. 520000068) SENSORSAFE PLUS Kakhi Green

Turquoise blue (ref. 520000066) SENSORSAFE PLUS Mountain Blue

Mustard (ref. 520000066) SENSORSAFE PLUS Mustard Yellow

Blue (ref. 520000064) SENSORSAFE PLUS Nautical Blue

Gray (ref. 520000074) SENSORSAFE PLUS Soho Gray


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