Cybex stroller of the EEZY series model S PLUS from birth to 4 years (approx 17kg)

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Cybex Eezy S Plus Stroller

Cybex stroller of the EEZY series model S PLUS from birth to 4 years (approx 17kg)

The foldable EEZY S PLUS stroller is a compact package (29 x x45 x 59cm) occupies very little space for storage, easy to fold and unfold with one hand, in order to be able to take care of the baby and carrying handle with the other to facilitate transport once folded.

With its 4 large wheels and independent suspension in each of them and a united handlebar, it is an agile stroller that offers quiet and pleasant smooth rides in all kinds of surfaces, thus ensuring maximum mobility for parents and an uninterrupted rest for children.

Its lightweight structure with a weight of only 7kg makes it ideal for parents urbanites, wanting to leave at any time and on any surface.

With a horizontal recline, the Eezy S plus is homologated from birth, and the child will always be comfortable with the multiple reclining positions and a XXL solar hood to offer optimal protection against wind and sun including an expandable visor and fabric UPF50 + sunscreen, with an insertion of closed mesh on the seat to ensure optimal circulation of the air on the hottest days.

The seat is spacious and soft with a removable reducer cushion that keeps babies comfortable. Includes an adjustable footrest to provide a comfortable position
whether the child is sitting or stretched on the seat.

The Cybex Eezy S + stroller can be converted into a 2-in-1 TRAVEL SYSTEM by placing a Cybex or Gb baby carrier.


Main features of the Cybex Eezy S + stroller

· Compact folding with one hand.

· Lightweight and manageable

· Possibility of Travel System 2 in 1 with a baby carrier of Cybex or Gb brands.

· Full horizontal recline

· Large wheels with soft suspension

· XXL solar hood with expandable fabric visor UPF50 +

· Spacious and soft seat for greater comfort of the child.

· Adjustable footrest

· Handle of transport for a better handling once folded.


Technical information for the Cybex Eezy S plus stroller:

· Dimensions: Length 805mm x Width 450mm x Height 1045 mm

· Weight: 7 kg.


Colors in which you can buy your Cybex Eezy S plus stroller

Gray (ref.518002515) Manhattan Gray

Black (ref.518002809) Lavastone Black

Blue (ref.518002813) Denim Blue

Navy Blue (ref.519000491) Trust Blue

Pink (item 519001191) Fancy Pink

Orange (ref 519001189) Tropical Blue

Green (ref.519000493) Respect Green

Red (ref.519000495) Love Red

Black (ref.519000627) Strength Dark Gray

Gray Denim (ref 519001765) Denim Manhattan Gray

Black Denim (ref 519001773) Denim Lavastone Black

Blue Denim (ref 519002551) Denim Denim Blue


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