Solution S Fix car seat group 2-3 by Cybex, the new model of the successful line of car seats' Solution.

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  Cybex for scuderia Ferrari

  Car seat Gr. 2/3 (15 up to 36kg)

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New: In collaboration with the Italian brand Ferrari Cybex makes two colors of mythical car seats from the Manarello brand. You can see them and buy them here. Cybex for scuderia Ferrari


Cybex Solution S Fix Car Seat

Solution S Fix car seat group 2-3 by Cybex, the new model of the successful line of car seats' Solution.


Cybex creates the new line "S". S silhouette, this new line and car seat model maintains a generous and comfortable internal space for its occupant but ostensibly reduces its outer space, making it ideal for when we have two children and we must put two car seats in the back of the vehicle, this way the central occupant will have more space, but also in this way we can get to carry three car seats in the back of our vehicle (It will depend on the vehicle and the internal dimensions, as well as the type or groups of car seats that we need to use ).

Also in this line, Cybex introduces a new system of aeration from higher models of the range, which makes it more efficient and thus more coolant on hot summer days.

The brand also introduces in this model a new L.S.P (linear protection integrated in lateral impacts) improving its effectiveness by 5%, with a new design that also makes it more elegant, keeping the retractable system of the brand.

The S line, maintains the great advantages that the brand has in its range of car seats, such as the color, with a wide variety for all tastes, maintaining the quality of its fabrics, also in terms of safety exceeds the levels that other models of the brand had so far.

Solution S Fix, maintains the patented and exclusive reclining headrest system in three positions, which helps prevent the head of the child from tilting forward, an adjustable backrest in up to 12 positions so that children can travel in them up to 150cm in height , and a rigid isofix connection system that improves the safety and stability of the car seat.


Features of the car seat group 2-3 Solution S Fix by Cybex

· Large interior space, extra wide and deep seat: Ensures a comfortable trip for your child over the years

· A small outer space, optimized and technologically advanced design.

· Patented 3-position reclining headrest

· Linear protection integrated in lateral impacts

· Optimized ventilation system

· Adjustable height backrest in 12 positions

· Isofix connection for more safety and stability of the car seat

· Reclining backrest, for a perfect fit to the vehicle seat

· Energy absorbing structure: absorbs the forces of an impact and protects the child.

· Fabrics can be machine washed at 30º c.

Measures of the car seat Solution S Fix
Length / width / height: 405/500/610 mm
Weight: 6.2 kg


Colors in which the new car seat Group 2-3 Solution S Fix by Cybex is manufactured

Grey (ref.518000956) Manhattan Grey

Black (ref.518000950) Lavastone Black

Orange (ref.518000960) Autumn Gold

Anthracite gray (ref. 519001056) Premium Black

Orange (ref.519001062) Tropical Blue

Pink (ref.519001064) Fancy Pink

Black (ref.519001054) Urban Black

Blue (ref.519001060) Indigo Denim



  Cybex makes two limited edition colors in collaboration with the Italian car brand FERRARI.


Ferrari Black (ref. 519000221) Ferrari Victory Black

Ferrari Red (ref. 519000223) Ferrari Racing Red



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