Car seat group 2-3

Car seats for children Gr. 2-3 from 15kg up to 135-150cm high.

In Group 2-3 the children are attached with the three-point seat belt of the vehicle.


What is a group 2-3 car seat?

A car seat of Gr 2-3 is an elevator with backrest that adapts to the changing morphology of the child and each brand uses different methods to do so. In addition, manufacturers try to include as many active and passive safety elements as possible to help try to avoid damage to the child as much as possible in the event of an accident.

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Car seats for children of group 2-3

A Group 2,3 car seat is designed to offer certain levels of protection to an occupant between 15 kg and 36 kg of weight or up to a height of between 135-150cm. And passes homologation tests that guarantee it.


Frequently asked questions by parents before changing the child to a group car seat 2-3


Can I buy a group 2-3 car seat with isofix and use it in a car that is not equipped with isofix?

Yes of course. The isofix is retractable and in a car that is not equipped with isofix, we must place the car seat on the seat with the isofix collected at the base of the car seat, the only thing that should be taken into account is that when the child does not go in the car seat, it must be fastened with the vehicle belt as if it were the child sitting in it, since if the car seat is not loose and in case of braking it would be dismissed.


Why does the backrest moves?

A high-end group 2-3 car seat has a backrest adjustment so that it adapts to the back of the car seat and can also recline a bit to ensure greater comfort for the child.


How to prevent the head from falling forward when sleeping?

All brands of group 2-3 car seats try to incorporate some system that helps prevent the head from moving forward, but until today there is nothing definitive to guarantee it. The car seats of group 2-3 have a seat adjustment forwards with the isofix of the car seat that makes the back of the car seat fit the back of the vehicle.
This should not be done with a car seat that is not installed with the isofix, since in case of separating the seat from the back of the vehicle too much, we will lose retention efficiency and therefore safety.